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How to quickly make an empty yahoo mail inbox

Tthousands of yahoo mail inbox? How do I delete email this numbering thousands of these??. It originated from a complaint of someone from the country side, he complained that he was so tired that day. Not because the job that day was more severe / many, right, because all day she was tired tetepi remove his yahoo inbox that turned out to thousands (about 25,000 emails)

Initially I was surprised, from anywhere in the thousands that email? but once given out (and eventually see yourself) thousands of emails were sent from facebook (ed: FB) is the case of if we use our email to sign up for FB and gives a chance yet again, where any notice, wall posts, comments, messages etc will be sent to the email that we list or we use to sign up for FB.

If you include people active in social networking and exis this one (red: FB) in a single day of your email inbox will accumulate. If one day dozens or even hundreds of emails into your email inbok can imagine if a month or a year will certainly be your email inbox full of emails from the FB.

Due to the many emails from my friends FB is almost setres in deleting that email. because by default only shows the regular yahoo email 25 / page. If the number of emails to reach thousands and even tens of thousands of how many pages to display the email?

With the encouragement to help my friends and then browsing for a while and finally found a quick way to make empty or delete the email in yahoo inbok the way it is:

  • Setting up on their pages that if by default yahoo yahoo will display 25 email / page, here we can arrange with a maximum of 200 messages / page and then we can delete the email perpage (200 messages) 

  • Changing the version of yahoo us, if we use the previous version of the classic please replace with a newer version or beta version. In this way all the email we will show only 1 page only (no matter how many emails we) so we can delete all the emails we are only 1 page quickly. 

Of the two methods above would be the quickest way of a second. But please be careful please email your selection before being removed, if necessary, make a folder specially for storing emails that do not want to be removed, because if it is deleted can not be refunded or recovered your e-mail

For yahoo mail then that we are not full of these emails please you setting up your Fb account, we can determine what may be sent and what we do not want to do is not sent to email us, suppose we want only the FB messages are sent to email us or other

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