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Partition magic 8 (bootable)

It's my experience when going to install a notebook that does not have his DVD drive and not only that, managemen notebook hard disk is also problematic.Where do when I install Windows XP by using a flash disk after the installation half way where the notebook should then boot to hard disk, but the fact can not and there came a warning that its core hard disk problems.This problem is actually not too much trouble if it allowed me to reformat the entire hard drive, but the problem is I can not do it because in the hard disk is data that should not be lost.In other words I can only format the drive system or drive C only!

Then I think to use the FDISK tool star up windows 98.But that happens I think not solve my problem but rather aggravate my situation, or maybe I am that it can not use, I do not know!

Tired dizzy thinking about finally finding applications under DOS partition magic 8 on my document. Then I put on a flash disk that already exist star-up windows 98 (bootable)

What is needed:
  1.   Flash disk capacity regardless
  2.   Download applications Formater.exe to format USB flash disk
  3.   Download Files Windows 98 Start up
  4.   Download applications Partition Magic 8 (under dos)
How to make:
  • Extract all the files that you have obtained
  • The format of the flash disk into the system to boot with USB applications Formater.exe and star-up windows 98
  • Copy the application folder under partition magic 8 dos and its contents into the flash disk
  • Ready to use

    How to use it:
    1. Turn on the notebook
    2. Bios settings for booting via USB flash disk
    3. Wait bootting with flash disk running
    4. After entering DOS windows 98 system into the application directory partition magic 8 for example "CD PQ8" enter, without quotes
    5. Type "muose" enter, without quotes so that we can use the mouse
    6. Run the application partition magic 8 with type "pqmagic", without quotes
    7. Please use the application under dos partition magic 8

    • Backup data is in the flsh disk before using the tip-trick, because your flash drive will be formatted!

    Hopefully helpful...

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