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Secrets of Great writer Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron is a writer who has known in his works such as 'Silkwood', 'When Harry Meets Sally "and" Sleepless in Seattle'.Some of his works including the movie box office.In addition he is known as a screenwriter, his writings are found in several famous magazines in the United States such as New York Post, Esquire and others.

Interestingly, in an interview, was asked the secret of success Epron.The secret, he said, starting from his teacher who was loved and highly respected."I still remember the first day of school there is a duty to make writings," he said.In that task the teacher asked the students to create a post which later seemed to be loaded in the school bulletin.The writing of the existence of a seminar at the high school 3 in the upcoming Monday.The plan will be attended by governors and local mayors.This seminar discusses how a good way of teaching the latest findings from Stanford University.

So after this task is described by the teacher, the students began working on his job seriously.They write with good words with accurate data.They believe that to see something that must follow the rules of 5W 1H (What, When, Where, Who, Why and How).Everything is written with sufficient accuracy once.After time expires, the task is collected and checked by the teacher.

After seeing all the posts he said, "All writing is basically good. But good writing should be titled like this .... 'school holiday next Monday'." Imagine, "said Nora Epron," When I heard the back of my neck stand up straight hair.It's only proper journalism".

Apparently making good writing, must be viewed from the perspective as a student of this school.The word 'Day holiday next Monday', will make them interested.But when it is written 'there is a seminar next Monday the teachers', it's useless, they are not interested in reading.So we must learn to see to whom we speak.Should pay attention to whom we write.What interests him about what we are talking about or we write.

So since then Nora Ephron is very interested in journalism and try to write from the standpoint of what appeals to his readers.So it is with us, we should do something, speaking, writing, discussion, always start by considering the interests of their minds.

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