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9 Wifi security measures

Wireless Lan or Wifi, networks that use radio waves, which are very inexpensive and easy to use, when compared with that using a Cable Network. However, this Wireless Network because it uses radio waves ang Invisible fact, if we do not secure will enable hacked or the possibility of attack from outside.

These are some of the most important thing you should do for safety or security of your wireless network, at least reduce the level of hacking activity or attaking:
  1. Change Password Default Access Point. 
  2. If possible, change the default IP. (Several brands of Access Points usually are accompanied by this facility.)
  3. Turn on encryption methods, use WPA encryption with Pre Shared Key (WPA-PSK), and provide a secure password. Can also take advantage of WPA encryption with Temporal Key Integrity Protocol).
  4. Turn off SSID Broadcast function, so you do not terdeksi SSID on the War Driving. 
  5. Protect your SSID, by: changing the default SSID name with the name of the SSID that is not easily guessed.
  6. Use MAC address filtering to reduce the infiltration activity.
  7. Non Enable DHCP, use static IP with a value that is rarely used. 
  8. Use additional security such as: CaptivePortal or other applications that inject the firmware on the Access Point.
  9. Monitoring via Client Access Point, this is the newest way to controlling uuntuk against Access Point that you have through the client. Process 'Block IP', 'Client Resctriction' and on other security. One application that can be used are: Mc Affe Wireless Home Security. 

Remember ...! That no security system distinguished 100% secure ... but keep trying to secure the assets you have ... .. At least we've tried.

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