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Terms of Success 4P

Well, this is one of the 4 conditions of success, if you want to achieve success in employment. I call this the 4P Term Success.

P first, I was told as illustrated above, is profesionalism. That is timely, even though ill preparation. Origin can still be arrested, 'the show must go on', because it promises with customers to provide the best service. Professionalism as far as possible we are required to meet our customer's expectations.

The next P is the Passion, the love we will work. If we have a passion, then our job will be much much easier and enjoyable. And we better enjoy the time to prepare and do it, no longer a burden.

And P, the third is Personality. We must match our job. Even so, we must be different from others. We must have an authentic self that is different from other people. Perhaps it is humility, perhaps the attitude of optimism, perhaps a belief, perhaps a desire to help people, perhaps a sense of willingness to share knowledge as much as possible to others. These are all examples of a personality.

And the last P is the Purpose or objectives. Of course this varies depending on the job. Let me in giving a seminar. I am in giving seminars always provide 3 things. First, motivation. Second, the perspective changes so that you can see things more correctly. The third is to provide a skillset or the knowledge that you can use to achieve success.

4P So it's important for us, so we want to do our jobs better; profesionalism, passion, personality and purpose.

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