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Supporting Small Things Success

Recently I berseminar in a well-known bank. At the seminar I talked about my experience that often send sms on Eid, New Year and other times. This is all to maintain my network.

After the seminar my friend said, "Sir John, actually I invite you also because you sms. Not my old contacts with you. I wanted to create a program with the father, but I do not have anymore the number of contacts you, because I've lost HP. Eh fit then there is an sms Mr Eid. I came to know Mr. contacts. And finally I was able to realize this event. "

I often teach my friends to maintain the network. One way is to send sms's. I used to do this with email. Every 2-3 months or 4 times a year approximately, I create an email story about my life interesting, about the situation and my views on the current business world, about other useful things. His email is quite long. And I sent it to all my friends in my address book.

This approach to email habits now replaced by sms. I send an sms to friends in the great days, Eid, New Year, Christmas. Also on other ordinary days, which is important there is something that attracts people to read. Try to make sms on your short story, about interesting things, funny and others. Anything. And kirikan to friends as much as possible.

What will happen? Your friends will always remember you. Always been'inform 'about your life that last. So if you are looking for new business friends, looking for a partner, find a friend because of the 'opportunity', because he knows your sms, she remembers you, she will contact you. It makes you actually have to increase your own luck.

Little things like this sometimes will sustain and support your success. This is all just because you do the little things on a regular basis and sustainable positive. Something that is actually easy and cheap. Luck is opportunity meeting preparation. Network will help unlock your chances of success. Congratulations and success for your business.

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