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Cats, dogs and body language

If you keep a cat or dog, there are observations that you can do. Try to note when there are guests who come to your home and who can close your cat or dog. Their attitude to the guests you can all sorts. There is a guest who had come directly so despised; digonggongi example. There are approachable, smelled-sniffing and finally want to close with the guest. Or the cat suddenly jumped up and sat on the guest's lap.

There are interesting if we hear comments of people who see this. Some say, "Oh that, blacky immediately know you. Because he knows you love dogs, so he likes to you." Or someone commented, "You keep cats at home ya? He smelt the smell of cat that never close to your clothes."

Well, there is a very interesting research in the United States about this. This research found that cats have been known human body language. When we respond as having contact with cats, our response can be different. We go back a bit because they do not like, or even become tense. Can also be because we're happy, we went a little further and approached him with a steady. Cats, as well as dogs and other animals, to understand about what disinyalkan by 'body language' us and then responds with a negative or positive.

If animals are aware of any human body language, let alone the man himself. Humans can feel another human's body language and respond immediately. Well it should be noted. So if we observe, when people meet new people or new friends, he will observe the body language'nya first. Wajarkah smile? Are her eyes showed concern? Tuluskah compliment? So he'll respond with friendly, cynical or even have to be careful.

This is very important for people in our business which is adjacent to the consumer or customer, such as salespeople, customer service, telemarketing, customer support and others. Do not they always show a negative body language, so that consumers respond negatively as well, such as prospective customers who feel uncomfortable when we approached them salesmen.

So in business life, we must pay attention and learn to always demonstrate positive body language. Thus, our chances of success will be far greater without noticing.

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